Vinyl Haul: Wuxtry Records – Athens

There’s something about the experience of playing a vinyl record that keeps me coming back for more. They have long outlasted 8-tracks, CDs, cassettes and who knows what else. Some of my best dance parties have been at my house blaring old James Brown, Chaka Khan and Paula Abdul vinyls.

Recently while in Athens we got a chance to visit Wuxtry Records, an independent record shop in downtown Athens that has been open since 1976. It’s everything you’d imagine it would be. Thousands of crates of once-loved tunes in well-worn crates waiting to muse their next owner.

We made quite a haul. If you haven’t been there you should know that there is a main entrance to the store as well as a small store on the side of the building that is only open certain hours of day. The shop is the original location of Wuxtry Records and is where they sell half-off vinyl records.

I know what you’re thinking…sure but they are all scratched right? Not so much. Mostly they have been decorated by the previous owner or their covers have seen better days. Like Barbara who wanted to make sure no one stole Eat a Peach in 1972 (I don’t blame her it’s my favorite too) or Joe who wanted to hold on to Rumors as long as he could in 1976. But just in case they do have a record player in the shop and will play it for you to check.

Check out our haul.

Grand total: $51.35

From the main store I purchased Mirage full price.

  1. Fleetwood Mac / Rumors: $6

2. Woodstock / music from the original soundtrack and more: $2.5

3. Diane and Ross and the Supremes / Greatest Hits: $2.5

4. The Oak Ridge Boys / Y’all Come Back Saloon: $1.5

5. Madonna / Madonna: $2

6. George Jones / George Jones and his County Cousins: $2.5

7. Patsy Cline / Hits Made Famous By Patsy Cline: $2.5

8. Frank Sinatra / Come Fly With Me: $6

9. The Allman Brothers / Eat a Peach: $9

10. The Beatles / Abbey Road: $7.5

11. Grand Funk Railroad /  E Pluribus Funk: $2.5

12. The Beach Boys / The Best of the Beach Boys: $1.5

And from the main store I purchased Mirage full price.

Dance party soon?




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