DIY Planner Divider and Folder 

A few weeks ago I picked up a few cute folders from Target and a cardstock textile paper pack from Hobby Lobby with good intentions. A few weeks later and I am finally getting to cut them down and put them to good use!

Divider: SO EASY! All I did was trace one of my FiloFax Dividers on the piece of card stock. Using my Fiskars paper trimmer I trimmed it down; using small scissors to cut around where the tab would be. Next I traced the hole punches from the divider to the paper and used a single hole punch to punch the holes. I finished it with a pretty flower sticker I found at Michaels. Check it out below:


For the Pocket Folder that was a little more complicated. First I traced the size of the divider height and then cut across the folder horizontally using my scissors because my paper cutter was not big enough. Next I measured vertically using the same divider and then trimmed it. Next I traced the hole punches and used my single hole punch to snap through. Finally, I took a small piece of boxing tape and taped the inside very tightly, looping the tape and placing underneath the flap so it would not be seen. Then I took a tiny piece of tape and taped the middle. Finally, using scissors I cut small triangles into the hole punches so I could easily add and remove the folder without having to open the rings.

I forgot to take a picture of the before in this one so here is the same folder in gold before pictures:

Here is the final product:



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