Top 2015 Planners – My thoughts on the Erin Condren LP, filoFAX, Day Designer, Simplified Planner and more.

Top 2015 Planners

I like to think I am a pretty organized human. I’ll admit there are times I forget a thing or two. But overall I have always thought I was an organized individual. That was at least until last week when I decided to update my planner. It all started when I came across this kickstarter and thought ‘well that’s a great idea…maybe I should buy that’. Then I started down a week-long wormhole of planner research. 

What I found was a very special niche of planners. Planning is an art for many people. There is an entire industry of planner stickers, dividers, rulers, pens, dashboards, hole punchers, “washi tape”, it goes on… Just do a search on Etsy for Planner Stickers. It’s truly amazing.

Here are a few of my favorites I found. All of them offer something different.

1. Erin Condren: Perhaps the most well-known among the planner community is the Erin Condren Life Planner or ECLP. The ECLP comes in two different formats – horizontal and vertical and is bound by a thick metal coil. This is a very customizable planner with lots of accessories.  You can also change out your covers which is pretty neat.  Watch a full review here. Price: Starts at $50

2. filoFAX: Hallmarked as “The Original Personal Organizer” the filoFAX comes in many different options and styles and is more of a classic planner. It is a binder style so you can change out your calendars and add things in as often as you want. I ultimately ended up choosing the filoFAX A5 in Nude as one of my planners and get this, I ordered it from a planner enthusiast in Dublin, Ireland. Since it is currently sold out in the USA I searched a few planner Facebook groups I heard about while listening to a YouTube video about the the Day Designer (I told you I was in the wormhole!). I also found a great YT Channel with lots of tips. Price: $30 – $200

Filofax vs. Erin Condren Video Review here.

Great filoFAX alternative: Webster’s Pages Crush Planner. Price: $24.99 – $34.99

3. The Day Designer, The Simplified Planner, and the Passion Planner: These planners are perfect for the entrepreneurial woman. Their calendars were one of the best I have seen and are great for people who like to plan out every minute of their day (me!). These layouts are split into 30 minutes blocks and have places for you to track your budget, meals and many other things. I ultimately decided on the Passion Planner to use for work because of it’s simplicity and because of the cost (only $30!). I recommend all of these. They are super cute and great for planning. Price: $30 and up.

Simplified Planner vs Day Designer Review: Video

Passion Planner: Video

4. Kikki K Planner: Like the ECLP this is a very customizable planner with a bonus – it’s a binder! If you are into scrapbooking or are a very crafty person in general this would be a great planner for you. Check out this video. It will either inspire you or stress you out. Review video here. Price: $60-$90

4. momAgenda: Moms this is the planner for you. It has a very nice layout with separate blocks for you to put your childrens names and tasks under them according to the day – genius! I also checkout out their Home Organizers which I am pretty sure I will end up buying. Video here. Price: $40-$75

5. Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer Planner: Perhaps the most colorful of the planners are the Kate and Lilly planners. If you are looking for lots of style or color with basic scheduling this is the planner for you. The always sophisticated Kate Spade or fun and energetic Lilly Pulitzer planners are beautiful and simple. Price: $28-$36 

6. Louis Vuitton: For the ultra fashionable or mega planner the Louis is popular among the serious and wealthy. Starting at $600, this planner is a collector item for many and a must have for others. Video here.

7. Bullet Journal: Perhaps the most interesting planner I came across was the Bullet Journal System. It works by drafting and rapidly logging in your tasks, ideas and more. All you need is a dotted journal and a pencil. It is entirely customizable and with most dotted journals starting around just $9.95 you can’t beat it. Video here.

Which planner is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. 


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